Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hello again...and greetings!

Alright. I actually have a goal this year of maintaining a place to put all my thoughts and ideas and projects and just general stuff about me and my life and my loves. I don't even really care if anyone ever reads it. I just wanted a place to actually collect stuff that would not take up a bunch of room in my house LOL.

We have, as a family been on a tremendous journey of faith and growth throughout the last 3 years and I am very much looking for our return trip that will, Lord willing, happen in June. I miss home. I have loved most of our time here in Alabama but I am really homesick lately. I suppose it is equal parts wanting to be able to hug my mom's neck A LOT more often and wanting to put all we have learned here into practice and GET TO WORK.

We are hopeful there is a position that is right for Aaron, and really all of us, to work in back in WA and are very excited to see how God is going to put it all together. We really are just "along for the ride."

A wonderful lady at church has encouraged me a great deal to write. In fact, she is almost insistent on it so that is part of my goal with this new view on my try and put my thoughts, ideas, interpretations and understandings of Scripture and the desired life of a Christian. I have grown so very much over the last three years, my younger Christian self would hardly recognize me now. (That probably isn't a bad thing!)

I plan on writing up our story for a future post because REALLY love to share it.

Since I’ve posted anything, THREE years ago!!!...I’ve learned how to crochet. Now I have my own Etsy shop! It’s kind of crazy but I love it. I have a project list a million miles long and come up with new ideas or see new things I want to try almost every day. That is part of what I want to do here. I’d like to share what I'm working on and maybe even show others how to do some of it if they are so inclined. Being left handed, I’ve had to rearrange a lot of techniques and learn crochet patterns differently so I may be able to help some of the other amazing lefties out there trying to pick up this pretty fun activity. Who knows?

Anyway, it’s late here and I'm probably headed to dream land soon. I have a ladies day to attend tomorrow so must be up early. I hope to have this up and running soon with a lot more regular posts! My goal is to put something out at least once a week. We shall see if that is too much commitment from me HAHA!

Until next time.

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